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FMQ - mercury-and-queen.com
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website by acknowledged Austrian author Mrs. Henriette Sadler, about Freddie Mercury











 – A must see site for all Russian speaking fans – only serious and qualitative information




PIOTREQRMX – Queen remixes, mash-ups, videos:






Click Here to Visit Shanes Queen Site - with Tabs, Chords, Links, Downloads, Queen Forum, Polls, Discography, CD Reviews and much more.







queenonline.com – Queen’s official site

freddiemercury.com - Freddie Mercury “Official” Site

www.brianmay.com – Brian May’s official site

queenonline.com/old.html – Queen’s official ‘old’ site (from the early 2000s)

www.queenworld.com – Official International Queen Fanclub

discuss.queenonline.com - Official Queen Forum

www.bravadousa.com/queen - Official Queen Merchandise Shop

www.stormtroopersinstilettos.com - Queen Exhibition





www.queenzone.com – THE ultimate meeting place for Queen fans; news, pictures, downloads, notice board

www.queenconcerts.com – the ultimate site of Queen’s concerts; every concert listed

www.queensongs.info – outstanding site: studio info, song analysis, tabs & chords, sheets and more!

www.queenpedia.com - Queen online encyclopaedia

queenpoland.wordpress.com - excellent Polish Queen site with stunning gallery, info, link section, etc (in Polish language)

www.queenmuseum.com – great site with pics of rare Queen collector’s items

www.queencuttings.com – excellent site with a remarkable collection of Queen newspaper cuttings and clippings

www.queenarchives.com – another outstanding site; excellent source for Queen and Freddie Mercury articles, interviews, album reviews and much more!

www.queenlive.ca - very good information site about Queen’s concerts

queen.shanemcdonald.org – very nice Queen fan site with bibliography, links, news and much more information!

www.queendiary.info – what happened on what day in Queen history :-)

queen.musichall.cz/en - another very nice Queen fansite with lots of information!

themarchoftheblackqueen.webs.com - Queen fansite with a great picture gallery – worth visiting!

www.thequeendb.com - the Queen database!

www.queenvault.com - online resource for Queen song versions, great site!

www.queenwords.com - Queen Lyrics!

www.family-queen.webs.com - very interesting fansite about Queen’s relatives and family!

queen.snowproducciones.com.ar - worth visiting Queen fansite – audio, trade, video, books, gallery

www.queenincornwall.blogspot.co.at - Queen in Cornwall, Queen’s early years

queen.wz.cz/main/enmenu.htm - very nice Queen fansite – one of the earliest on the web!

www.queenpicturehall.com the ultimate site about Queen rarities

www.ghostofasmile.com – everything about Smile, the pre-Queen band

www.meddows.com – great Queen fan site; excellent design, many pictures

sebastian.queenconcerts.com – excellent site about all Queen’s sessions, recording gear, musical analysis’ and more

queenvinyls.com - everything about Queen’s music on vinyl

www.queenautographs.com – excellent site about Queen’s signatures / autographs

www.queenheaven.it – nice Italian Queen fan site

(www.queenoz.com) – huge collection of Queen and Freddie pictures! Sadly not online anymore

queenfan.nl - Queen collector’s site

queenrocks1971.blogspot.co.at - Queen Rocks Blog from Brazil!

(www.queencaptionsheaven.com.ar) – very nice site with Queen captions – more than 700 Queen captions! Sadly not working anymore

eva.aws-it.at/frames/index.htm very good Queen fan site in English and German

serryfunster.narod.ru – Queen Webguide! LOTS of useful links

www.queencollector.com – very good site about Queen Rarities since 1997 – sadly only accessible with the Wayback machine (just click on the link, you will see :-) )

tinpan.fortunecity.com/parliament/635/midi.htm – Queen midis, nice fan site

www.ultimatequeen.co.uk/index.htm - Queen fan site with lots of info

www.queen-headquarters.de – German Queen fan club

www.queenfreddie.com - very nice Italian Queen fan site

queenland.forumdefan.com/forum.htm – a very nice French Queen forum

queen.music.ru – one of the first Queen fan sites; from Russia






www.corax.com/mercury an extraordinarily different tribute site to Freddie Mercury, very artistic!


allofqueen.on.ufanet.ru/book.html - Mariam Ahundova’s book about Freddie Mercury: “The Real Story of Freddie Mercury”, read online

www.aboutfreddiemercury.com - highly recommendable site about Freddie Mercury by acknowledged Austrian writer Henriette Sadler

www.freddie.ru – interesting and probably one of the earliest fan sites about Freddie with biography, articles…

intellectualonly-mercury.ru - highly recommendable and intelligent investigative Russian fan site about Freddie Mercury (in Russian)

www.aussiequeens.com/fmspiritoffire – excellent and intelligent analysis of Freddie’s life and loads of pictures! Highly recommendable!

mr-mercury.co.uk/ – great Freddie fan site; one of the earliest out there with quotes, articles, Queen and Freddie books, even stores in London who sell Queen memorabilia! Worth visiting!

myfreddiemercury.com - very nice and lovely blog about Freddie Mercury!

www.loveroflifesingerofsongs.de.ki – extensive great site about Queen and Freddie Mercury in German! Biographies, discography, audio samples, video, section about rare demos…

www.freddie-mercury.ru – Russian Freddie Mercury site – lots of text, info and investigation

freddie.webz.cz – very nice site about Freddie; interesting view on his life, quotations on Freddie from different people… - worth visiting!

www.geocities.com/SunsetStrip/Stadium/5025 – a site about Freddie Mercury worth visiting; photos, articles… even the analysis of Freddie’s handwriting! Site was opened in 1998

www.mercuryparadise.com – very nice Freddie Mercury fan site; downloads, Queen London Tour and much more!

(freddiemercury.nl) information about Freddie’s life and work – sadly not online anymore

queen.peoples.ru – great interesting site about Freddie Mercury in Russian, discusses also Mariam Ahundova’s book

home.online.no/~hijman/Mercury.htm – interesting view on Freddie’s life

www.f-mercury.com.ar/frames_eng.htm very good site about Freddie’s voice

fuckyeahmercury.tumblr.com - blog, loads of Freddie Mercury pictures

homepages.enterprise.net/sylv/INDEX.HTM - somewhat mystique/esoteric approach to Freddie’s life, I recommend to enter only if you are over 18/ or 21 or “you might get fried”

sanjaykar.wordpress.com - nice blog about Freddie Mercury

www.killerqueenmercury.piczo.com – flamboyant Freddie fan site :-)

www.nicholasjdanton.supanet.com - very recommendable and interesting site about Freddie Mercury and Michael Jackson comparisons

queenfan.gportal.hu – nice Hungarian Freddie fan site!

www.freddiemercury.iwarp.com – Freddie fan site

freddiemercury.com.ar - very nice Freddie Mercury site/blog from Argentina!









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